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Promoting a new vision for all life on Planet Earth.

We are a non-profit organization with a bold vision for planet Earth and all of the species of beings who live on it:
human and non-human animals sharing this planet in peace and harmony.

We believe that this Earth belongs to ALL beings who live on it, and they deserve to share its resources equally. The human race, rather than dominating and harming all other species and the planet itself, should take full responsibility and protect them. Because it's our planet, and theirs too!

The day will come when no animal will be 'farmed' or kept in confinement against their will. No animal will be used, abused and killed by human beings, for any purpose, and all animals will be free to live their lives as they see fit, with their families and offspring. Factory farms, slaughterhouses, testing labs, rodeos, circuses, zoos and other places that confine animals today, will be a 'horror show' of the past, and will be replaced by animal sanctuaries, which will offer animals care and freedom for the rest of their lives. Planet Earth will start to heal, and its land, air and water will become clean again, free from the abuse and damage caused by animal agriculture and its related industries.

This may sound like a utopian dream, but the process has already begun: more and more humans are ditching the cruelty inherent in using animals and their products, and transition to a plant-based, vegan lifestyle. And animal sanctuaries, that give a permanent loving home to animals rescued from factory farms and other human abuse, are popping up all around the world!

Our Mission

We strive to bring this vision to life through various projects that respectfully but unapologetically:

  • Change people's inherent relationship to animals, and open their eyes to their unconscious, biased and oppressive attitudes towards animals.
  • Promote the idea that animals have, and should have, the same basic rights that humans have, by the mere fact of being born as living beings on the same planet.
  • Expose the devastating ways in which the human race treats all other animal species in service of its egocentric needs, and the immense cruelty and injustice ingrained in all human operations that involve animals, from factory farms to labs to zoos and everything in between.
  • Help people realize that the only way to live a decent life - as a human, and humane being - is to leave animals off their plate, and off their clothing, products, and entertainment, for good.

While the enslavement and oppression of animals have detrimental effects not only on trillions of animals every year, but also on the climate, the planet, and human health as well, our focus is the plight of the animals. As this is the greatest injustice that has ever been perpetrated against any group, in the history of planet Earth. And as they have no other (intelligible to humans) voice, but ours.

Animal sanctuaries around the world: (If you know of a sanctuary that is not on the map, you can add it HERE)

The reality

In the year 2020, planet Earth is in bad shape. A global pandemic, rapidly increasing global warming, civil unrest everywhere, and all animal species - 8 million of them - used and abused by the hands of one species: the 'Human' race. And that's where it all starts. All pandemics (in addition to the other major diseases that are plaguing this race, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer) come from eating animals, the number one cause for global warming (in addition to water pollution, land pollution and deforestation) is animal agriculture, and the attitude of supremacy over other human beings starts with the taken-for-granted attitude of supremacy over non-human beings: animals.

Every year, TRILLIONS of animals are separated from their families and offspring, caged, abused, mutilated and eventually brutally killed, all to supply some human need or other: food, clothing, household products, entertainment... you name it. When looking at the sheer numbers of living beings this is done to, the well-oiled industrialized systems that do this, and the unimaginable cruelty involved - it is staggering. It's a 'holocaust', no other word for it, and it is happening every minute of every day on this ailing planet.

Areas of systematic animal abuse around the world: (based on human population density, with purple = the most dense, and white = the least dense areas)

Our work

We work to change this sad reality and bring our vision to life, through the following, global, projects:

The National Animal Rights Day

The National Animal Rights Day (NARD) is an annual day of massive public events held in a growing number of countries around the world, for the purpose of giving all animals a voice and raising awareness for their rights. It's 'Memorial Day' and 'Independence Day' combined, for the animals. The National Animal Rights Day website


The Declaration of Animal Rights

The Declaration of Animal Rights is the ultimate document that details all the rights animals have and should have, as living beings on planet Earth. It has been copied onto a 1,000 foot long scroll, translated to 20 languages, and signed by more than 20,000 people around the world so far. The Declaration of Animal Rights website


Want to help?

There are several ways to get involved, and help us expand our work to reach more people around the world:

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Want to know more about living a cruelty-free, planet-based, vegan lifestyle? Check out these great resources: